Stash Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom – Have Fabric, Will Decorate!

Mom, I am moving into an apartment at college.  Can you help me decorate it?

Oh, yes.  Yes, I can.

Have Stash, Will Decorate.

Second Hand Beauty

Second Hand Beauty

The desk, chair, and chest of drawers were second hand.  We painted them with two greys.  She added a “punch of color” with touches of bright raspberry and turquoise.

She wanted “Bohemian.”

She selected the main fabric.  It would be used as the bed skirt and pillows.  All other fabrics would build upon the color scheme of her selection.

The selected Boehmian Fabric

The selected Bohemian Fabric

To minimize costs, the zippers and “stuffings” from the pillows made for her dorm room were reused.  With one exception, all other fabrics were from the Stash.  All pillows were sewn using this same zipper installation method.

The yellow/white made two European sized shams.   I was actually able to center the design on the front (not that a college student would ever notice!)

The grey/yellow trellis fabric had been used to cover her chair seat.  The leftover made a smaller pillow.

Bohemian Mandala Pillow

Bohemian Mandala Pillow

Nothing says Bohemian like a Mandala-like print.  I purchased 16″ of the fabric to get one usable Mandala.  Small accents of turquoise embroidery were added.  The navy fabric used to frame the Mandala was left over from this quilt.

All Fabrics Pillow

All Fabrics Pillow

To tie the diverse (AKA: Bohemian) fabrics together, all the fabrics were included in a pieced pillow top.  A few other Stash Fabrics in the color scheme completed the fun pillow.

The grey bubble-looking fabric in the All Fabrics Pillow is actually her sheet set.  It came in a bag made of the same fabric, so the triangles were simply cut from the bag!

She has other Bohemian ideas – beaded curtains under a cornice board???  All fun, but not really doable from 1500 miles away.

So finishing the room might require another decorating trip!

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