Ohio Star Quilt: Beautiful Quilting

Completed Ohio Star Wedding Quilt

Completed Ohio Star Wedding Quilt

The Ohio Star Quilt met me 2,000 miles from home.

The Long Armed Quilter had worked her magic in record time and had shipped it so that it and I would arrive in time for my son’s wedding.

Detail of Ohio Star Area

Detail of Ohio Star Area

As I only had two weeks to piece the top, I felt it was rather plain.

To counter the simplicity, I had requested feathered quilting patterns and the result was breath-taking!

Feathered squares had been stitched into the larger (approx. 9″) squares. and all along the wide border.

Each Pieced Ohio Star block had been stitched with a small motif that reminded me of Pennsylvania Dutch patterns.

Border Quilting Detail

Border Quilting Detail

The narrower borders also had beautifully detailed stitching.

Even the half and quarter square white triangles were feathered quilted.

Wedding Quilt Detail - Stars and Borders

Wedding Quilt Detail – Stars and Borders

My rather simple quilt was transformed into a work of art by the beautiful quilting!

I had the binding all pressed and folded in my suitcase  – applied it and the quilt was completed 4 days prior to the wedding! (for those of us that have a history/habit of finishing items with 5 minutes to spare, 4 days was unexpected – and very nice!)

The quilt was delivered to the bride and groom – and they loved it (and even promised to use it!)


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