Embellished Long Linen Skirt

Embellished Linen Skirt

Internet shopping is a great way to find inspirations for Destashification Projects.  This long linen skirt, for instance.  It features raw edged applique embellishment.

The Stash contains ample yardage of a variety of weights and colors of linen….and a few (hundred) embellishment options.

Fun, but no Purpose

Fun, but no Purpose

This beaded piece was started a few years ago, with no real end product in mind.  Just enjoyed the visual pattern.

I selected the medium weight brown linen because it allowed me to use the beaded piece as the embellishment – and wouldn’t you know – it was EXACTLY the length to allow me to cut out the skirt!

Embellishment Placement - Try #2

Embellishment Placement – Try #2

Just in case one is of the opinion that years of sewing experience prevents mistakes – I carefully added the embellishment to what I thought was the  lower front of the skirt.  And then had to remove the seams and start again – because I had sewn it to the back!

Embellished Pocket

Embellished Pocket

Only a small section of the embellishment was used on the hem.  Another small piece was used to form a pocket.

Embellishment Detail

Embellishment Detail

Just to reiterate how years of experience does not necessarily translate to immediate sewing success.  The entire waist of the skirt was redone (initially too big – in the photo above, the waist is rolled – just like I used to do in Junior High School!) and then re-redone (because then it was too small).  And then the zipper had to be replaced and the waist re-re-redone (and just like Goldilocks, it finally was just right!)

Skirt and Sandals

Skirt and Sandals

As an extra bonus – the skirt and its embellishments – match some sandals I could not live without!






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3 Responses to Embellished Long Linen Skirt

  1. Julie Piggott says:

    I think it looks fabulous. 🙂 It is so good to hear that experienced sewers do have their off days too. lol. It gives me encouragement to have some more tries at making things. Thank you for that. 🙂

    • Thanks.

      I’ve heard it said that once a person accepts the knowledge that sewing seams also involves taking apart seams – they can consider themselves a sewer!

      I keep repeating that to myself as I take out seams….

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