A Tale of Two Vests

Linen Vest

Linen Vest and Scarf

Herringbone Vest and Scrap Couture Scarf

Herringbone Vest and Scarf

A vest was needed to wear with the Scrap Couture Linen Stitch Scarf –  but in the end two vests were sewn!

Burda #131 Vest Pattern

The first vest was sewn with a stretch herringbone suit weight of unknown fiber content.

The pattern selected was Burda 01/2013 #131 – with modifications.

  1. Resized (pattern only available in EU Plus Size)
  2. Unlined
  3. Back length revised to mirror front length and curve
Completed Herringbone Vest

Completed Herringbone Vest

The dual-princess seamed design (eventually) allowed for a perfect fit.

Love the curved back!

Love the modified back!

The herringbone pattern in the fabric is ecru and tan – with just a hint of pinkish – so the vest and scarf complimented each other perfectly.

Pants/leggings were needed to complete the ensemble. Unfortunately, my closet is not a robust as my Fabric Stash.

Beige Pants.  That is all I had that coordinated with the outfit.

Beige Pants.  Beige Vest.  So much biege.  From a distance the outfit was just biege.

To rectify the problem it was either buy pants or make darker colored vest. Rust or Copper seemed to be the best color for either option.

I went to the Stash first – and while the Stash contains much fabric in Rusts and Coppers – none were  “Just Right.

Just prior to heading out to shop for pants, I remembered that I had sewn a long linen skirt a while back with a copper colored linen. After completing the skirt, I discovered long skirts are just not for me.  Too confining and too hot – even when made of linen.

Linen Vest

Linen Vest Completed

So, using Vogue 7124 and the miles of fabric in the skirt, another vest was cut out.

Vogue 7124

Vogue 7124

Modifications to the pattern included:

  1. Used View A, but cut fronts from lining pattern.
  2. Lengthened zipper flap.
  3. No lining or hood.
  4. Back made 2″ longer than front.
  5. Curved side edges of front and back.
  6. Extended and curved collar.
  7. Created pockets that seemed more appropriately sized.
  8. Added grommets, casing and ties at waist.
Topstitching Detail

Topstitching Detail

Both vests were heavily topstitched – although I must admit, the process was much more enjoyable with the linen than with the stretch fabric.

Scarf and Linen Vest

Scarf and Linen Vest

The darker vest works well with the lighter colored pants – which enables me to wear that vest now – while shopping for a darker pair of pants/leggings to wear with the herringbone vest!

Costs for the two vests totaled about $5 as I had to purchase zippers.   Now if I can just find pants for the same amount…

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  1. Very nice! I particularly like the Vogue vest.

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