Stash Couture Tunic

Basketweave Silk Detail

Basketweave Silk Detail

The Stash contained a beautiful basketweave textured natural colored silk.  Perfect for a long tunic to wear over capri-leggings as the weather warms up.

The tunic envisioned had a curved hem, a placket, a back yoke, and a not-overly-oversized width. Sleeves or sleeveless had not yet been determined.

So off to shop for a pattern as the Pattern Stash could not help.

Vogue 8951

Purchased Vogue 8951, as it was not overly-oversized, but missed that all important term “Moderate Stretch Knits.”

Simplicity 1694

So Simplicity 1694 with its curved hem and back yoke was the next choice.

Cut the body narrower and added a dart for shaping. Did not incorporate the button band or collar.

The result was far from the intention – it fit like a basketball player’s jersey!  A humongous basketball player’s jersey.  The armholes went to my waist!

Much re-cutting and fitting was required.

Stash Couture Tunic

Stash Couture Tunic

The final decision was sleeveless and no placket.  The tunic was sewn with French Seams.  A simple bias binding edged the armholes and neckline.

The fabric was a dream to work with – although cutting the pieces so that the basketweave was straight was a bit of a challenge.

The wire figure I used to model the tunic creates a less than flattering image – especially the side photo.

But the side view does show the longer length in back and the shaping dart.  The width is quite narrow compared to the original pattern.

Stash Couture Tunic

Stash Couture Tunic in an unflattering side view photo

I wish I had kept better record of the re-cutting and fitting.  I would wear more of these.





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