Valentine’s Top – Just one Shade of Grey

Valentine's Top and Grey Sweater

Valentine’s Top and Grey Sweater

Grey and Black have been the colors this winter.  Grey sweaters, black leggings, grey coat…  All very comfortable, but lacking in color.

By Valentine’s Day, this monochromatic issue requires attention.

So, the search was on for a colorful fabric that had some grey and black in it – to match all the cool weather comfort clothes, but also brighten them up!

With all the stores still looking like a black and white photo, this intensely hued fabric was easy to find!

SBCC Gibson Blouse

The pattern used was SBCC Gibson Blouse.  The width of the “skirt” seemed a bit excessive in the photo – almost peblum-esque.  After measurements were compared to other longer blouses, the skirt width was reduced by 4″.

Back View

Back View – such Happy Fabric!

After pre-washing, the 100% rayon fabric emerged from the dryer surprisingly soft and wrinkle-free.

The front band and back neck were lined with a plain white polyester lining fabric.  This avoided “Print Shadows” which would have shown through if the bright print self-fabric had been used for the facings.

When working with rayon, I tend to apply the fusible interfacing to the lining.  It can sometimes “crinkle” when being adhered to rayon.  The buttons were simple red buttons from The Stash.

Beautiful colors!

Beautiful colors!

The colors of the fabric are bright pinks and reds, but also include a brilliant violet, small sections of black, and the requisite grey.

This SBCC Gibson blouse pattern is built for comfort.  It flows away from the body – not snug or clingy at all.

The buttonholes were made (Singer attachment variety) but not cut as the blouse slips easily over the head! Being sleeveless it will be wearable all summer long!

If The Stash provides another lightweight fabric, it will be sewn into this pattern for another of these comfortable tops.




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3 Responses to Valentine’s Top – Just one Shade of Grey

  1. Laura Leigeste says:

    I love the fabric. Makes me happy.

  2. Pretty top – fabric and pattern! I have made other SBCC patterns but haven’t seen this one yet.

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