Linen Towels – Luxury for Little

$100 Each

$100 Each

A number of home catalogs are featuring luxury linen towels.  Although linen is a wonderfully absorbent fabric, costs of near $100 per towel are prohibitive.

Being that I have a SLS (Sizeable Linen Stash), I decided to sew a few of these luxury towels.

Luxury Linen Towels for Less

Luxury Linen Towels for Less

The SLS provided a few options, but in keeping with the muted tones of those towels available commercially, a 1.75 yard =/- remnant of raw 100% upholstery weight linen was selected and then washed in hot water – twice.

After pulling threads to create straight edges, the towel dimensions were 60″ by 30″. The long raw edges were narrow hemmed.  The selvedge edges were left visible as they were woven with some color interest.

Wanting a bit more visual interest, a machine decorative stitch was added across the width.  If I had not run out of black thread, I would have added a few more rows of decorative stitching. (I can always add more later – after rebuilding The Thread Stash)

Stitching Detail

Selvedge and Stitching Detail

The resulting towels are wonderfully absorbent, quick drying and, best of all – my husband’s favorite towels!

Luxury Towels for Little – Little Time (about an hour) and Little Cost (less than $10 each!)


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6 Responses to Linen Towels – Luxury for Little

  1. Wendy says:

    I just upcycled some of my SLS into mitered-corner napkins, which I’m using for wedding and other gifts. Easy, professional-looking, and gratifying.

    • I’m glad to hear someone else has a SLS!!!

      The napkins are a great idea!

      I might just try that with some of my more colorful linens! I have wanted to try hand hem stitching.

      Thanks for the idea.

  2. Betsy Lute says:

    I have the blessing of a friend in the design business. Once or twice a year I get bags of discontinued fabric samples. Often I get linen drapery panels in the neutral colors ( does beige really get discontinued?) I have been making towels like yours for years but almost always in a kitchen towel size. I just got a new stash this week and I am going to make up a couple of bath towels. Totally loving the SLS label. When I do get lovely linen print samples they often have a grommet in the middle . I carefully remove that and then applique patch a little square over it on front and back… My friends beg for these towels because they say they look like heirlooms! Keep the linen ideas coming please.!

    • Oh! I believe I have Stash Envy! How wonderful to have a friend assist in the creation (and replenishment) of your SLS!

      I think some of the linen decorator prints are some of the most beautiful fabrics right now. What a great idea to use a small applique to cover the area left by the grommet. No wonder your friends love the towels!

      Thanks for the encouraging comments – working on a linen overnight bag right now!

  3. Debbie says:

    So sad, I do not have any SLS. What are some affordable sources to acquire, please? Esp. the nicer upholstery weight… Thank you!

    • The SLS takes years to develop!

      If you would like to start one, I would recommend upholstery or drapery fabric shops where there may be some beautiful linen considered a “remnant.”

      Most online and LFS also have linen fabric – although they typically have more during the warmer weather and sales in early fall.

      Good Luck reaching your SLS goal!

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