Stash Couture Butter Yellow Linen Top

Butterick 5891

Butterick 5891

The Stash contained a yard plus of a mid-weight butter yellow 100% linen.

I kept wondering when the “perfect pattern” for it would come along.

Butterick 5891 by Katherine Tilton was chosen.

Asymmetry adds visual interest

Asymmetry adds visual interest

The asymmetry of the top adds to its visual interest – and to the number of pattern pieces (15) it requires.  Yes, 15 pattern pieces!  Twice I thought I had them all – and twice I was wrong!

Linen is perfect for this top.  Butter yellow linen is pretty much perfect for everything!

Collar and bound buttonhole detail

Collar and bound buttonhole detail

A few modifications were made.  I did not add the peplum.  It added too much volume.

I lined the inner collar and finished the outer collar edge with a bias-esque edging of a coordinating quilting fabric (not quite enough fabric for a true bias).  This gave a more finished appearance to the neckline.

Bound buttonholes

Outer collar binding and Bound Buttonholes

I also decided the yellow needed more color, so decided to add bound buttonholes using a pink-red-orange batik.   The Stash contained only one small (less than 9″ square) piece of the batik, so the buttonholes were a perfect way to add that Stash Couture touch!

Stash Couture Butter Yellow Linen Top

Stash Couture Butter Yellow Linen Top

The armhole facing bias binding was cut from a similarly colored butter yellow cotton from The Stash – so that it would be on the bias.  (I must note this occurred AFTER I attempted to use not-quite-bias pieces and they did not lay correctly.)

The buttons include 3 cover-yourself and 2 Stash Buttons – all five the same ruby pink found int he batik.  I may change them out if I find some I like better – but little changes like that is part of the fun of sewing!


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4 Responses to Stash Couture Butter Yellow Linen Top

  1. Katie says:

    very pretty,and i love lemon yellow or any yellow that is not to bright.And the button holes & buttons really sets it off. Thank you for sharing….Katie

  2. Gold star for stashbusting – and ending up with a very nice top too 🙂

  3. marcia says:

    Love the vest. I really like it without the peplum. I have that pattern. Love the buttonholes – great inspiration.
    Marciae from SG

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