Scrap Bag Bag

Scrap Bag Bag

Scrap Bag Bag

Quilts made from fabric scraps are amazing.  But I thought I would try another Overnight Bag.

This Overnight Bag was sewn with a Destashification Goal:  Use only fabric, batting, thread, ribbon, etc., from The Stash so Total Cost = $0.

I am considering posting the pattern and a tutorial for this bag.  It is fairly straightforward to construct – and I know we-who-sew can always use a fun “Stash Buster” project.

Pocket Detail

Pocket Detail

The bag sides were actually cut from a “JD Blank” bag project that was abandoned a few months ago. (JD Blank = Just Didn’t …fill in the Blank with…seem right, appeal to me anyone, work with the fabric…)

The sides did seemed to work with the twill tape, cording, and the small scraps of owl fabric for the pockets – so a bit of ribbon and some other coordinating fabric scraps later, the sides were complete!

Zipper Pull Detail

Zipper Pull Detail

Even smaller scraps of giraffe fabric were added as pull tags at zipper ends.

The zipper is the same raspberry color appearing in many of the fabrics used.  Alas, the Stash did not contain the zipper – I returned some Stash Zippers to the store and purchased this one with the refund (so still no expense involved!)

The inside of the Scrap Bag Bag was also sewn from fabric scraps (Frogs and Giraffes seemed to be the interior theme!)

Light colored fabrics do not typically work for bag exteriors – but they do create nice bright interiors!

Scrap Bag Bag turned inside out to show Interior

Scrap Bag Bag turned inside out to show Fun Interior

Seaming the interior to the exterior, especially along the base – where very stiff Peltex was used – requires some thought and produces more than a few pin pricks – but the result is a fun – and functional Scrap Bag Bag!


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4 Responses to Scrap Bag Bag

  1. Carol C says:

    it is beautiful as is, I could not have picked better fabrics for sure. How inspiring. I for one would like the tute!

  2. Susan Casler says:

    Nice job!

  3. Very impressive! You have inspired me to check out my scrap bag soon to see what I can use them for. 🙂

  4. Angie says:

    Your overnight bag is wonderful! You have a real knack of picking the most perfect fabrics from your stash. They coordinate beautifully! If you ever post the pattern, I would love to attempt this project.

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