Dorm Room Pillows

“I’ve decided to change the colors of my room.”

Dorm Room Pillows

Dorm Room Pillows

Words that make every Destashifying Mother smile and head to the sewing room.

“No more purple and teal.   I think I want blue and yellow.  Send me my blue comforter and I need squishy pillows.

So pillows it was.

Turquoise still needed to be included as her brand new backrest pillow was turquoise.

Found a home dec remnant that included a variety of yellows, blues, (because getting the “right” yellow and the “right” blue would be important) and turquoise in a modern looking circles print.

Deep placket on pillow

Deep placket on pillow

Using the basic method included in the Flanged Pillows with Frustration-Free Zipper, the pillow was quickly completed.

The placket for the zipper is 3″ deep – no danger of “zipper burns” from pillow fights!

I used the “squishy” pillow form from a pillow she had outgrown a few years back and a zipper from The Stash.

The total cost of the pillow was less than $4,00.

The giraffe fabric remnant was barely 22″ wide – which is not enough for a flange. Using a zipper foot I covered the white satin piping (why I had white satin piping, I do not know – but it was EXACTLY the right length!) with a bright yellow print.

Dorm Room Pillows

Dorm Room Pillows

The Zipper Stash has been thinned out, so I did not have a zipper for the giraffe pillow.

I did, however, have a damaged lace dress someone had gifted me as they thought I use the lace.  That dress had a long zipper!

A few minutes with the seam ripper and I had a usable zipper!

Another Frustration-Free Zipper installation and the second pillow was complete! (I actually revised the Frustration-Free Zipper installation method  and will post a tutorial on this even easier method soon!)  Total cost for the second pillow was also less than $4.00!

The rest of the yellow print piping fabric will be used to cover her bulletin board.

So the Dorm Room Pillows and bulletin board fabric are ready to be shipped to college – the only question being whether the new color choices will be revised before they get there!!!

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6 Responses to Dorm Room Pillows

  1. What a wonderful mother you are! I hope your daughter is very happy (and grateful!) with/for your efforts.

  2. Laura says:

    I love these pillows and want to try your zipper method, but the link doesn’t seem to be working??

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