Embellished Purse for 40 cents

Embellishment Detail

Embellishment Detail

The oldest son’s wedding is the end of July.

My dress is a blue-lavender lace – and gorgeous.  My shoes are ivory.

Lugging a luggage bag-sized “Mom purse” would be guaranteed to ruin the outfit.

Went through The Stash and collected a few bits and pieces in appropriate colors.

To include a color match to the dress, I  purchased a hank of matching embroidery thread.  Total cost was $0.40.

The face is a cabochon created using some Polymer Clay (yes, there is also a Polymer Clay Stash.)

Embellished Wristlet

Embellished Wristlet

Stash Dupioni in ivory and apricot form the purse itself.  The lace was layered over the apricot for contrast.

The pattern is a simple self-closing wristlet that is just the right size for a cell phone and a few necessities (such as tissues for the ceremony!)

Such an improvement over the Mom luggage bag!


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4 Responses to Embellished Purse for 40 cents

  1. ruthsplace says:

    It’s beautiful!

  2. Wonderful- and as you said much better than a luggage bag! And no-one would ever believe you only spent 40cents.
    Enjoy the wedding 🙂

  3. Sabina says:

    Where do I find the pattern for this wristlet?

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