Do you want me to make you a dress?

lydias dress 1 on her



That is the word to describe the beautiful tall women in our family.

Another term might be “difficult to fit.”  Current sizing, talls included, rarely flatter statuesque women over 6 feet tall.

Have patterns, will sew to fit!!!

Sewing to fit is complicated by the 2,000 miles that separate us.  Good thing I travel with a tape measure!

Screenshot (144)


The wearable muslin was a simple shift in a cotton stripe.  Butterick 5706 was selected, most likely because it was on sale, but also because it had front and back darts for shaping.

The proof may be in the pudding (I can’t even guess as to the origins of that statement!) but the fit is in the pattern adjustments.

lydias dress 1Tall sizes tend to add inches only to leg and sleeve length.

Statuesque persons also need length added throughout the entire torso.

Use of graph paper kept the alterations straight.  Per the recipients request, the neckline was raised and the sleeves lengthened.

lydias dress 1 zipperShift dresses go together fairly simply.  I would recommend them for any beginning sewer.

Stripes added a bit of a challenge.

Even with extreme care during pattern cutting, putting an invisible zipper in stripes can sometimes create a “wavy” seam.

I was very pleased with the straightness of the final zipper seam!  (One of those odds things sewers take pride in!!!)

I marked waist, hips and bust with embroidery thread to see how the fit adjustments worked – and it was mailed.

lydias dress 1 AShe was very pleased with the fit!  She took out the marking threads and wore it right away!

Note to self:  Stripes do not photograph well.


When taking photographs, use of a dry cleaning hanger can detract from the dress!

If I were to make the dress again, I would reduce the sleeve head just a bit.  The sleeves had a slight gather to them.

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3 Responses to Do you want me to make you a dress?

  1. Abigail says:

    That is a lovely dress!

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