Stash Couture Boho Top

Silk Embellished Top

Is it possible to be stylish in 110+ degrees?

A question asked in Phoenix every summer, where I believe “melted” is a style.

The stash included two yards of an opaque green silk that must hail from the 1980’s when olive green (cranberry and purple) were wardrobe staples!

Some boho tops have a maternity look (been there, done that – not a preferred style).  Simplicity 1461 has more tailored Boho lines and includes cup sizes. I used it for an earlier top. 

The pattern was modified to add a long button placket and bias binding at the sleeve and neck edges.

Waste canvas was used to embellish this top.  The cross stitch pattern was derived from some of the patterns here.

Waste canvas embroidery

Note to self:  Pre-wash.  Don’t justify your being impatient with “It is silk” 

Just pre-wash.

Once the embroidery is complete,  waste canvas is loosened by dipping in water.  So silk or not, the lack of pre-washing caused the top to shrink.

The original colors for the embroidery were coral and pinks.  They clashed with the olive green.  The colors selected were based on a Pinterest color pallate.

Stash Couture Boho Top

Because I did not pre-wash the fabric, the dipping caused it to shrink. In both directions.

Again.  Just Pre-wash.

Love the colors!  Love the embroidery!

Wish I had pre-washed so it fit better!







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8 Responses to Stash Couture Boho Top

  1. What a lovely top!
    I confess to pre washing just about everything these days. I wash a small sample if I am really concerned about a fabric but I am not prepared to put in hours of work for things to go pear shaped at the laundry or dry cleaners.

  2. I have never heard of waste canvas! What an exciting discovery! I can’t wait to try it out on my own boho top. Prewashing first, of course.

    • Marny CA says:

      Waste canvas has been around for a very long time – but it probably isn’t in all stores that ‘should’ have it. I have not personally used it but my DIL used it to do a design ‘Grandma’ on a sweat shirt for me.

      I love Destashification’s site! Thank you! Hope to knit that gorgeous scarf! I have high hopes and an even higher and longer and wider list of ECTD = eye candy to do’s.

      • You are correct, waste canvas has “embellished” our lives for quite some time – and I greatly appreciate who ever invented it every time I use it!

        Thanks for the lovely comments… I hope to be able to post more “eye candy” soon. Enjoy knitting your scarf!

  3. HomesteadDownunder says:

    Oh the work in that cross stitch alone….
    a lovely piece!

  4. Roxane Murray says:

    This is freaking gorgeous! The embroidery is stunning. What kind of silk is it? I love sewing with silk, but I think some of them can be too warm in summer.

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