Destashification Boho Top

Destashification Boho Top

Destashification Boho Top

It appears Boho Chic is “all the fashion” now.  Oddly, by definition, Boho cannot be Chic.  “Boho Chic” translates to “Non-conformist Fashion Follower”!!!

All those flowing tops and dresses with the embroidered and embellished necklines – in sizes and cuts for everyone from pre-teen to mature women!!

Making one of these tops seemed like a simple task….unfortunately, finding a suitable fabric was not.

Cotton Voile is not an easy fabric to find….even when one has The Stash.

This handerchief-weight copper-brown and white print piece started life as a curtain.  It has spent an unknown period of time successfully hiding among my other Stash Fabrics.  I just found it!

Simplicity 1461

The pattern selected was Simplicity 1461, with modifications:

  1.  Yokes and linings were cut along “Sew Trim Here” lines.
  2. Button loops added to center front of yokes.
  3. Neckline was lowered and finished with bias binding.
  4. Sleeves were omitted.
  5. Body was lengthened and hem curved.
  6. Additional waistline shaping along center back and side seams.

The embroidery on the yoke fronts is simple counted cross stitch.  The yokes were cut from a scrap piece of even weave fabric in The Stash.

Folkloric Counted Cross Stitch

Folkloric Counted Cross Stitch and Button Loops

The counted cross stitch design is a modification of one of the beautiful historic designs included on this page.

I wish I had found the fabric earlier this summer.  Cotton voile would have been nice to wear during the 110+ degree days.

However, the color pallette works for the current 90 degree days of early fall!

Destashification Boho Top

Destashification Boho Top

Wearing white (sandals, pants or leggings) past Labor Day is always permitted in Arizona – In fact, it might even be permitted past Halloween!!!!

frozen lemonade


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5 Responses to Destashification Boho Top

  1. Gayle says:

    I moved to SW Florida a year ago, and the news anchors said white is acceptable year round here. Yay! Nice top. I really like the counted cross stitch design.

  2. Haha, I always try to stay away from white because I can’t keep it clean – seems I am always slopping something on myself! Very cute nonconformist top!

  3. Jean says:

    Like that pattern choice. Just wanted to let you know that I have put together my Halloween owl costume for $11. $4 t-shirt base, scraps of fabric to cover base, animal print leggings $6.99 (on sale from $15), hat made from yarn in daughter’s stash.

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