5891 + 8854 = One Stash Couture Shirt

Butterick  5891 - the perfect neckline!

Butterick 5891 – the perfect neckline!

The neckline of Katherine Tilton’s Butterick 5891 is my current favorite.  It has just enough more fashion to be unique!

Butterick 5891

The (very) short and A-lined bodice of the top is, however, well, too short and too A-lined. Even after lengthening it several inches in this top and this top, I felt the need for a a “more vertically oriented” bodice.

Vogue 8854

Vogue 8854

The decision was to attempt to “Frankenpattern” the neckline and shoulders of Butterick 5891 and the length and width of Vogue 8854.

Stash Buttons, one white, one black.

Stash Buttons, one white, one black.

I selected a stretch striped shirting fabric, in stark white with grey and black. I had about 3 yards which would allow for limited redos, should any recutting be required.

The Tilton top is asymmetrical, both fronts and backs.  After a few hours spent deciding how best to approach the puzzle, matching center fronts and bust points seemed the best way to meld the two patterns.   I also added 2″ to the side seams to ensure “verticality” did not equate “too tight.”

Finished Top, vertical side seams and unique neckline.

Finished Top with vertical side seams and unique neckline.

The contrast fabric required purchase.  The Stash has several whites that I thought would work – but they were warm whites – and looked ecru next to the stark white of the stripe.  The contrast has a narrow shadow stripe.

It took several fittings to arrive at the final side seams.  The 2″ additions to the side seams were eventually cut away.   If I were to resew this combination again – and I probably will, I would move the back seam to the center and add some shaping there.

The curved hems of the Vogue pattern were too long, so they were re-cut as straight, although the front and back remained at different lengths.  The hems and fronts were faced with the contrast fabric as the stripe showed through.

Neckline Detail

Neckline Detail

The top is extremely comfortable – owing to the great armholes and neckline of Tilton pattern.

Back View

Back View

It is long enough and narrower enough to wear with knee length leggings – perfect for a cooler fall day!

Side View - Asymmetric Hems and Side Slit

Side View – Asymmetric Hems and Side Slit


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8 Responses to 5891 + 8854 = One Stash Couture Shirt

  1. Mickey says:

    You are an amazing craftswoman (I call you that because you do so much more than sew). This is a wonderfulix of the two patterns. I would like to see it in a long sleeved version to wear on colder climates.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments – and the long sleeved suggestion! I may have just the fabric!!!

  3. Mary says:

    Oh, this is wonderful. I am about to start on B5891 and will remember your comments about the length. I love how you melded the collar onto the Vogue pattern (another pattern I admire).

  4. Very cool! I think I saw this pattern somewhere. I was wondering what it would look like sewn up! Thanks!

  5. … I was referring to the Butterick 5891 pattern… the neckline is so different! I wasn’t sure how it would look or turn out!

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