Long Sleeved Vogue 8854

Vogue 8854  - Long Sleeved Version

Vogue 8854 – Long Sleeved Version

Vogue 8854 pattern has been used and reused, but this is the first long-sleeved version.

The fabric is a polyester knit faux-lace that spoke to me screamed my name during a recent interfacing shopping run to the Fabric-Store-that-Shall-Not-be-Named.

It was fairly expensive but, I had a coupon (said that little voice in my head).  Still such an extravagant purchase is atypical for the Destashifier.

I can hear my mother now. “I____Insert First and Middle Name___, You should have known better…

Knit Faux Lace - Too Fragile to Wea

Knit Faux Lace – Too Fragile to Wear

Cue the Dirge Music….

The fabric falls apart.

The lace effect is created by knitting a portion of the design with a nylon filament.  That filament is thinner than a human hair.  Think a single strand of a spider web.

The Fragile (yet itchy) Filament

The Fragile (yet itchy) Filament

This filament disintegrates easily – especially when ironed, washed or worn.

I attempted to return the fabric upon discovery of its inability to remain intact, but was thwarted by the old arch nemesis “Store Policy. ”

Dressed for the frozen tundra

Dressed for the frozen tundra

As warmer garments are required for a trip to the frozen tundra, I decided to go ahead and sew the fabric into a long-sleeved tunic to take along.

If  I wear it twice before it falls apart, I will feel somewhat vindicated ….

Thumb hole in Cuff

Thumb hole in Cuff


  1. Taper width of sleeve 3″.
  2. Added 2″ to sleeve length and added a cuff with a “thumb hole.”
  3. Shortened tunic back by 3″
  4. Interfaced collar with 2 layers of light interfacing, and a strip of heavy interfacing in the center back.

The buttons were from the Button Stash.  After looking at these photos, I may remove the two smaller buttons nearer the center front.  Two buttons seem less busy.

Final Note:  The nylon filament may only be spider web strand in thickness, but it is uncomfortably itching.  Even though they are all serged, the seams are almost prickly!.  I will have to wear a long-sleeve top under the tunic.


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2 Responses to Long Sleeved Vogue 8854

  1. Janine. says:

    How frustrating but beautiful fabric. Would underlining the fabric somehow strengthen it ?

    • Thanks for the suggestion – I only wish that underlining would have helped.

      The fabric (which as you note is both beautiful and frustrating) is actually a double layered knit. The back is a stable black and white stripe. It is the upper surface of the lace side of the fabric that is so fragile and unravels. It is as if the surface needs a netting layer or very dense quilting.

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