Lightening Up – The Destashification Method

The brown and black bedroom.

The “Cave Period” brown and black bedroom.

Brown, Black and Gold.

Home Dec colors of choice 8 years ago.

I now refer to that time as my “Cave Period.”

… time to lighten up.

I found some great blue/gold damask wallpaper to cover the dark brown area over the headboard.

Only $500!!

Apparently, wallpaper is lined in gold or some other precious metal.

Even the Dust Ruffle is Brown

The only thing missing is a Cave Painting.

I did not realize the other occupant of the bedroom had regressed to a Cave Dweller – and was not willing to give up his brown wall.

Apparently, Cave Dwellers also prefer not operating within a cash monetary system for decor improvements.

So, no wallpaper. Or new Coverlet.

New carpet was not an option.

(I didn’t even mention re-tiling the bathroom.)

After the requisite sulking and pouting, I came to the realization that the wallpaper truly was bizarrely expensive.  It would actually be less expensive to “cover the wall” with a flat screen TV.

So, it was off to The Stash to explore other (more cost effective) options.

Wallpaper and Stash Silk Damask

Very Similar Wallpaper and Stash Silk Damask

The Stash included a 2.5 yard piece of silk damask that greatly resembled the wallpaper.

It also contained several other pieces of linen and silk that were in the same color family.

No Damask on the wall = lots of Damask on the bed.

Nothing works better to improve The Destashifier’s mood than Pillow Replacement Therapy.

Fabrics for Lightening Up Project

Fabrics for Lightening Up Project

First Lightening Up Project was the Bed Skirt.

The Linen Damask piece under the embroidery thread (DMC 927) was used to replace the dark brown cavewall-colored bedskirt.

Tailored Bedskirt - Lightened Up

Tailored Bedskirt – Lightened Up

The next post will include a Summary Tutorial on sewing the bedskirt.  The curve-around pleats provide complete coverage on the corners.

Wrap-around Pleats

Wrap-around Pleats

The room looks lighter already!














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2 Responses to Lightening Up – The Destashification Method

  1. My husband was reading over my shoulder and said … Nice, you got a cat to match your decor! I couldn’t believe the cost of the wallpaper – he said he would prefer the TV. Looking forward to seeing all the finished decor!

  2. Ann M says:

    Your new fabrics and bed skirt look very,very, nice. I love that piece of Damask. My husband is a brown guy too, I have slowly (we’ve been married 34 years) been lightening up the colors in our home and in his wardrobe. The spendy wallpaper would not be in my budget either. I am excited to see me of your makeover.

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