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Lightening Up – The Destashification Method

Brown, Black and Gold. Home Dec colors of choice 8 years ago. I now refer to that time as my “Cave Period.” … time to lighten up. I found some great blue/gold damask wallpaper to cover the dark brown area … Continue reading

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Destashification Boho Top

It appears Boho Chic is “all the fashion” now.  Oddly, by definition, Boho cannot be Chic.  “Boho Chic” translates to “Non-conformist Fashion Follower”!!! All those flowing tops and dresses with the embroidered and embellished necklines – in sizes and cuts for … Continue reading

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5891 + 8854 = One Stash Couture Shirt

The neckline of Katherine Tilton’s Butterick 5891 is my current favorite.  It has just enough more fashion to be unique! The (very) short and A-lined bodice of the top is, however, well, too short and too A-lined. Even after lengthening … Continue reading

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Smocked Top for Adults

Love smocking! I feel an artistic push to experiment with smocking on more adult garments!  The “long top over leggings” look seemed promising. The muslin (actually a teal linen blend) for this experiment was completed a few months back.  For … Continue reading

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Butterick 6101 – Looks so nice on the Model!

Love the Tilton sister’s designs… all of them.  I think The Pattern Stash contains every pattern they have ever designed.  The designs force me to step outside my rather straight-laced comfort zone. Katherine Tilton’s Butterick 6101 looked so comfortable and … Continue reading

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Vogue 8817 Logo Top

Logo T-shirts are rarely (OK, never)  included on the “must have” fashion list.  Yet, we know supporting our children’s endeavors is important, so Logo T-shirts full our closets! I have been revising Logo T-shirts into more flattering options for more … Continue reading

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Two hundred+ Ties

A family member collected over 200 ties while working as a FBI agent.  After he  retired, the ties were forwarded my way to create a quilt. Most of the ties were 1980s and 1990s vintage. If you were not around … Continue reading

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Teal Linen Top with Smocking

A yard of teal linen blend was crying out to be included in the Summer Top Series. It was selected to create a “wearable muslin” – which is a trial attempt at new pattern.  Fitting and improving design are integral … Continue reading

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Silk Twill Tank Top with Subtle Smocking

The flowy silk used for the Shadow Embellished Silk Top was not the first fabric I cut out for the top.  Initially I had selected a crisper silk twill in a paler lavender. Not wanting to return the cut fabric … Continue reading

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Shadow Embellished SIlk Top

Lilac sheer silk from The Fabric Stash. A few beads.  A few pieces of lace.  A few fun hours spent sewing…. The Result: A Shadow Embellished Top. The Shadow Embellishment is a short piece of lace sewn between the double … Continue reading

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